Current PhD students

·         Iakovos Pittaras: Secure Interoperability for Internet of Things Data and Actuation

·         Panagiotis Georgakopoulos: Cloud Assisted Cognitive Self-Organizing Networks

·         Andreas Papidas: 5th Generation Mobile Communications

·         Christos Karapapas: Secure Internet Content Dissemination

Current MSc students

·         P. Salteris: Real-Time fault detection and prediction in Cloud Mobile Network Gateways based on Error Log analysis

Graduated PhD Students (@AUEB)

·         Yannis Thomas (Dissertation Title: “Multipath Internet Transport,” 2018)

·         Vaggelis Douros (Dissertation Title: “Incentives-Based Power Control in Wireless Networks of Autonomous Entities with Various Degrees of Cooperation,” 2014)

·         Nikos Fotiou (Dissertation: “Information-Centric Networking: Security Requirements and Solutions,” 2014).

·         Pantelis Frangoudis (Dissertation Title: “User-centrism in Wireless Networking,” 2012).

·         Konstantinos Katsaros (Dissertation Title: “An Information-Centric Overlay Network Architecture for Content Distribution and Mobility Support,” 2010).

·         Christopher Ververidis (Dissertation Title: “Energy Efficient and Adaptive Service Advertisement, Discovery and Provision for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,” 2008).

·         Elias Efstathiou (Dissertation Title: “A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Sharing Wireless Local Area Networks,” 2006).

·         Efstratios Diamadis (Dissertation Title: “Support for Awareness and Assessment Mechanisms in Remote Collaboration Applications for Distance and Virtual Learning Environments,” in Greek, 2006).

Graduated PhD Students (@UCSD)

·         Vachaspathi (Vach) Kompella (with Alcatel, previously TiMetra Networks, Dissertation Title: “Multicast Routing Algorithms for Multimedia Traffic,” co-advised with J. Pasquale, 1993); check a case of sibling rivalry!

·         Hai-Ning Liu (Dissertation Title: “Buffer Size and Packet Loss in a Tandem Queueing Network,” co‑advised with R. Cruz, 1993)

·         Kimberly Claffy (resident research scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and PI for the distributed Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis,, Dissertation Title: “Internet Traffic Characterization,” 1994) -- Receives Annual IEEE Internet Award, Named One of the Top 25 Women of the Internet

·         Barbara Pasquale (Dissertation Title: “Characterizing the I/O Behavior of Scientific Applications,” 1995)

·         Hanrijato (Henry) Sariowan, (Vice President of Strategic Technology Planning for Path 1 Network Technologies Inc.,, Dissertation Title: “A Service-Curve Approach to Performance Guarantees in Integrated-Service Networks,” co-advised with R. Cruz, 1996).

·         George Xylomenos (Lecturer, CS Dept., AUEB,, Dissertation Title: “Multi‑Service Link Layers: An Approach to Enhancing Internet Performance over Wireless Links,” 1999)

·         Paul Blair (Postdoctoral Researcher at CalIT2,, Dissertation Title: “System Level Solutions to Maximizing Utilization of Wireless Packet Cellular Communications Over Rayleigh Fading Channels,” co-advised with J. Pasquale, 2002)

·         Margaritis (Akis) Margaritidis (Dissertation Title: “Enhancing the Quality of Multimedia Data Transmission over Wireless Links,” co-advised with J. Pasquale, 2003)

Last updated: April 30, 2019